Why choose server-based, non-cloud CRM system?

Use power of thousands developers

Our base is the project called Redmine that is a well known issue tracker driven by large open-source community of dedicated developers.

Don't you do something better because you love it? So they do.

Open Source means people do their best for the project they're passionate for. Their only motivation is to create best possible product in terms of the art of programming.

Your data is only yours

Who can be trusted in the modern world?

Do you really trust all these guys who ask you to upload your data to them and then provide nothing but a pretty interface in your browser?

The only thing that stand between them and your data is their reputation. You never know where your data is stored, how it is processed, with whom it is shared.

Buy your own server, install you own copy of software. Run your protected database. Be safe.

We can install RedmineUP on your server for you. We can do it through RDP or VNC connection so your IT security person can see what we're doing.

We can also do everything for you. We can provide a server and a database with ready-to-go installation of RedmineUP and admin access for your IT person. But of course it means giving little trust to us. The choice is fully yours.

The price/functionality is in your hands

Is it a familiar thing when you're trying to choose between several paid plans and need to choose high priced solution just because among tons of costly and useless features it contains the very one feature you need?

RedmineUP provides 13 plugins, almost each one of them has a free version.

You can choose any single plugin or any combination of them that satisfies your needs.

In general the free versions do their job. But the paid versions have additional tricks and improvements to make your life much easier. And only the paid license means our support team can be here to help you.

Make it truly yours

Our code is GPLv2 licensed.

That means the following - you can edit it, update it with the features you need, share it back with us to have our feedback or with everyone you want.

Redmine itself strictly follows the Ruby on Rails architecture. RedmineUP inherits this principle. So your IT development person can improve it for you, only common knowledge about Ruby on Rails applications is required.

We can do it for you. Contact us to know our hourly rate.

Some assets like images/javascripts are proprietary licensed. Sorry, not all the guys we collaborate with are ready to share their work for free. We will warn you what parts can't be changed. It just means you can't share them with the whole world, that's all.

Read more about GPLv2 here.

Read more about Ruby on Rails here.

Read more about Redmine here. Please note Redmine is not RedmineUP and RedmineUP is not Redmine. Redmine is an Open Source core and RedmineUP is a commercial product based on it. Nobody of Redmine developers sells RedmineUP.

RedmineUP in Bulgaria and in the European Union

Programmicat Ltd is the official distributor of the RedmineUP solutions in Bulgaria. Find Programmicat Ltd in the official list of RedmineUP partners. And if you're in the EU, we can probably help you as well. We're open to be asked.

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